Thursday 5 April 2012

Tiny gingerbread lady for my tiny coffee cup

Tiny gingerbread lady on a tiny espresso.

Well the time is 2:11 in the afternoon and I am yet to get out of my Jammies. They have now been re-classed as a lounging suit which I think makes me seem less lazy and more relaxed (well in my head anyway). O2 had a sleep over with my bestest godson last night so both boys have been lounging in their "lounge suits" all day too. Despite outward appearances we have been quite productive - I have made a big batch of Biscotti ready to be devoured with coffee this afternoon and the boys helped me to make gingerbread cookies;so the house is filled with delicious smells of biscuits and coffee brewing.

 For todays photo challenge- brief Tiny- I made some tiny little gingerbread couples. I put a wee slit in them so I could balance them on my coffee cup and have taken a pic of one of a gingerbread lady on my fav espresso cups that I found in a charity shop about a year ago (4 cups with matching saucers for £4, BARGAIN!) I think she fits the tiny brief very well.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Thursday and is ready for the Easter weekend celebrations. We have eggs ready for hunting and fish for tomorrow nights dinner...not sure what we'll do for Sunday lunch, something roasted no doubt.


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