Sunday 15 April 2012

April photo a day Stairs, garden seats from old found doors and feeling rough!

April 12th Stairs. Plus showing off my fav homemade shoes (will do a blog post about them later!)
 April 13th Something I found. This is a door my ever watchful, kind husband found for me on the side of the road. I had mentioned to him that I wanted some old doors as I had seen some fantastic things made from old doors on some blogs (DIY projects from old doors, a fantastic blog full of awesome up-cycling ideas) He arrived home one night and announced that he had got me a door it was on his truck...gotta love a man who scours the streets looking for others peoples "rubbish" for his wife! I didn't manage to get the door photographed before it was chopped in half but you sort of get the idea.
I have reused the ends of O2's cot (in a big girls bed now!) and screwed them to the door halves. The whole thing needs a good sand down and then I will white wash the ends with a weather proofing paint. I still need to put a seat on it, I am planning to use scaffolding boards. I have the mattress from the cot still so will use that as the cushioning on the seat, covered in some funky fabric (I am yet to find) and voila a garden seat from an old door.

It still looks a bit junky as I have not had the chance to do anything else on it as the Easter break weather has been less than favourable but will post new pics as soon as I have finished- I am aiming to have it done for summer so still have a few more weeks to go!

April 14th- How I feel today ROUGH! (and a little dry and crunchy)
The 13th was my gorgeous husbands birthday and I had organised a surprise get together with a few of our friends at our place. I managed to keep it quiet all week and when he arrived home that night and everyone jumped up yelling SURPRISE he looked suitably shocked and assures me he had no idea I'd planned anything. Well it goes without saying then that we all got very merry and partook in a little too much birthday cheer and as a result I was feeling a little rough round the edges the next day. We went for a family walk in the woods to blow out the cobwebs and I had a go at a bit of macro photography with my beautiful Nikon...and these pics really spoke of how I was feeling...rough, dry and slightly crunchy!
Hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday and is looking forward to the kiddlets going back to school tomorrow!
xx P xx

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