Wednesday 4 April 2012

Happy April...someone who makes me smile.

This was a bit of a no-brainer...or so I thought. I am so lucky to have lots of people in my life who make me unbelievably happy. A wonderfully gorgeous husband, fabulous kids, amazing family, awesome friends... the list goes on. So it goes without saying it was not as simple to think of 1 person who makes me happy. Then I thought of the person I spend most of my daily life with. Someone who I chat with all day, play with, laugh with and rant at/ wee monster Oly. She without a doubt makes me happy each and every day. Her constant chatter (will she ever say any actual words other people can understand?) Her ability to leave the house looking clean and gorgeous and 5 minutes later be a complete wreck. Her never ending love for everything in life. Her smooches and cuddles. Her tantrums... the most highly strung, high maintenance 19mnth old in the world! But she is a wee dynamite and I love her to death.

 It is her first night tonight in a "big girls" bed...and bless her cotton socks she went straight off to sleep without any hassle. Lets hope she stays there all night, haha I think not however. She is a demon child at times but without a doubt if I feel rotten one "squeezums" from her and it's all ok. 
To my sweet beatsy girl Olya Violet...
 You make me happy and I love you xxx

 April 4th- Someone who makes me happy.
Other photos of people who definitely make me very happy... my kids!


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