Sunday 22 April 2012

April photo a day updates and dabbling in taking self portraits

All dark and mysterious

I have been dabbling with self portraits. I suddenly realised that I have NO photos of me at all, as I am always the one behind the camera...and as I have noone who can take pics for me I have been taking them myself. I got some ideas from a great blog I stumbled across A Beautiful Mess. The writer is so creative and the blog is full of amazing photos and ideas. Here are a few of my first attempts...I am fairly pleased with my efforts so far.

Thought the colour filter on this was really cool,
 I used my Pictureshow app for this.

                                             Lolly and Mummy

Love the colours on this

Here is an update on my pics for the April photo a day challenge from Fat Mum Slim. This has been the first time I have really done anything like this and it is quite addictive. I have had the opportunity to use some awesome apps for my phone- 2 all time favs have to be Instagram and Pictureshow. Will do a post about these maybe to show off my experiments!
I am really looking forward to seeing the May list that will be out tomorrow!

April 15th- Sunset- love the effect I got using one of the Instagram filters- it blacked out the "ugly" details from the houses and just left this great silhouette.

April 16th- Flower. This is a ring I made a few years ago from felt- I really love it and get a lot of comments whenever I wear it.

April 17th- Something I don't like- GIANT piles of washing to fold and put away!  They seem to breed in my house!

April 18th- Hair. My mad haired family...curly, curly, curly.

April 19th- Orange...squashed all over me just out of shot!

April 20th- Bottle, a bottle full of love!

April 21st- Something I drew. Did this while I was sitting with my class during art. They were doing portraits of their family and learning to use oil I had a go too!

April 22nd- Te last thing I bought. Yay my very own domain exciting (for me anyway)

Well hope everyone has had a great weekend and is ready for the week ahead.
xx P xx

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Jimy said...

I love the name you have used for taking a picture if youself, self potrait. You have some very good photography skills and an absolutely adorable daughter!