Monday 23 April 2012

My Monday 5 shout outs!

I have decided to make a regular thing of Monday shout outs on my blog. Not working full time and having some spare time (although not as much as I need/would like) I get the opportunity to read so many fantastic blogs and meet so many wonderfully talented, inspirational people that I feel I should give a shout out to them in some way - to tell everyone how wonderful they are. I get a lot of my crafty ideas from these blogs- and my house is filled with homemade goodies thanks to many of them.

1.Mondocherry- This is a blog/website of a dear friend of mine so I am a little biased towards how amazing it is. It is 2 sisters and their mum- and they have to be the most talented family I have ever met. Their paper and fabric creations are stunningly beautiful and their online store is well worth a visit. I have to say I have "borrowed" an idea or two from them- they are so inspiring!

2.Cherry Menlove- Even the name of this blog is great. I found her about 2 years ago and became a follower straight away. This lady is amazing and her ideas are beautiful. She writes about her day to day life from raising twins to her husbands recent illness and recovery with such openness and honesty that you actually feel as if you are chatting to a close friend. It may sound a bit silly but my absolute highlight this christmas was a comment I got from her about a flower wreath I made and posted on her facebook page...hehe I was so chuffed that someone as talented as her noticed  enough to comment on something I had made. This blog is a must visit/follow!

3.Fat Mum Slim- I am just a recent follower of this blog but love, love love it. The writer is an instagram addict like me so I was instantly attracted to her! She has started up this totally addictive photo a day challenge that changes each month and the new lists are posted on her blog at the beginning of each month to an eagerly waiting audience of followers. I have just started this challenge this month but will definitely be carrying on-its so much fun! There is also loads of great tips on photography etc. A great blog to visit for cool tips ,ideas and the odd yummy recipe.

4.Funky Junk Interiors.- I want this ladies house! This is a blog by an amazing lady who has the enviable ability to turn absolute junk into something beautiful.Apart from her brilliant tutorials the blog is also full of inspirational quotes and stories. 

5.A Beautiful Mess- I only found this blog 3 days ago but have visited and read through it dozens of times already. The tips on photography are GREAT! I found and subsequently downloaded the iphone app PictureShow and have to say it is rivalling Instagram in the favourite photo app stakes! The author of the blog is so beautiful and has filled the blog with dozens of neat tutorials and ideas.Her style is vintage and she gives tips and ideas on everything from styling your hair or home, creating the perfect vintage look outfit to recycling old stuff into great stuff . There are tips for new bloggers and small business owners, recipes and camera guides. It is a blog with something for everyone.  I am definitely going to try out her recipe for coffee syrups, mmmmmm.

Well there is my first 5 Monday shout outs...I'll keep on surfing to find many more hidden gems to blog about next Monday, until then hope everyone has had a great Monday.
xx P xx

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mondocherry said...

Thanks so much for the shout out - you made our day! I'm of to visit the other blogs you mentioned now, they sound awesome and I really wasn't in the mood for ironing anyway!!!
Clare x