Thursday 25 November 2010

Snuggling down

Is it meant to snow today?? I am doubtful it will the sky doesn't look that lovely muddy colour you get just before snow. It is certainly cold enough though.I am home with a sick Osk snuggled up on the couch with the Tweenies- has put a stop to any plans I had for today (christmas shopping/posting, getting decorations etc) but looking outside that isn't such a bad thing. Today is a stay in bed under the duvet and snuggle day.

What would be a lovely addition to the day is one of these gorgeous eiderdowns. I think I may start investing in some snuggly "granny" eiderdowns. They just look so good! 

Sunday 14 November 2010

Boggarts and Brownies

Having been blessed with a 7 hour sleep - Oly decided to sleep for 10 1/2 hours last night! I awoke refreshed and ready for the day !!I decided it was a baking kind of day - so I thought I'd take a go at baking Brownies. I haven't made them before- but I sure will be making them again!!! I have gorged my self on the richest Brownies all day and am now feeling rather seedy- all worth it tho. Osk's teacher looked rather frazzled on friday so I have decided to box up (using my lovely new gift boxes) small chunks of the brownies to cheer her up at morning tea time- always a welcome thing for a teacher!!!

Osk had a Pirate party today so spemt the weekend finding stuff for his costume- he did look very sweet scary as a Pirate and came back full of the joys of parties. Not sure I envied the hosts tho as it was an awful day and so turned into an indoor party. A house full of hyped up pirate boys... hmmmmmm... still made for a quiet afternoon in our house.
 Nothing beats the smell of warming the chocolate, sugar and butter- heavenly!
 I had brownie chunks rather than the suggested slices- not intentional but looked better I think.
Love these gift boxes I picked up the other day-have filled this one with  chunks of brownie for Osk's teacher.

Friday 12 November 2010

Here goes....

Well this is the 1st attempt at blogging for me. I am an avid follower of blogs galore so figured it was about time I had a go- maybe I can get some followers some day too haha.

It has been a busy 7 weeks for me as a mum of a 7 week old and a 4 year old I am getting used to the whole no sleep, school run, mountains of washing thing. All seems a life time ago the Osk was a baby so I kind of forgot about sleep deprevation etc. Was alot easier with just 1 too- no hanging around in my jammies all day now!!!

Filling my days is no problem- I foolishly thought I'd actually have more time to fulfil my crafty urges too. Thankyou cards to be made and sent (would it have been easier to buy them?), Oly's wooden letters for her room covered (painted would have been easier but not as pretty) and have managed to get back into knitting, despite my darling son undoing all my work to use the needles as a sword! Wrist warmer 1 is done now have to find some time to start and complete the other one.

Loving reading my gorgeously talented friends blog a small bite of mondo cherry- she and her sister are so creative and inspire me to get my self back into it!! Jewellery making, sewing and decorating here I come! Am going to tackle my lovely but dull (and a bit grubby) conservatory next. Goodbye green and hello crisp white- all ready for the christmas season and festive decorations. Can't wait.
Really pleased with how these letters turned out. Amazing what scarps of fabric can be used for!