Monday 10 September 2012

Hello blogland I'm back again!

Well after nearly 2 entire months off blogging I am back and ready to get back into it! I have been on holiday for long enough and now it is time to get back into routine. I have to say I have missed not getting the chance to sit down and trawl through different blogs feeling inspired and amazed by all the fantastically talented people out there and am looking forward to rediscovering my fav blogs again.

That said here are my Monday shout outs for this week. I haven't been completely devoid of all things crafty and have had the odd occasion where I've been able to sit and have a quick cruise and have found some great sites that I am sure you'll agree are jammed with cool ideas.

A little bit of sunshine:

This is a lovely blog from a talented lady who lives in Seattle, I come across so many blogs written by Seattle dwellers and have decided it must be a very talented city! She blogs about photography (and has loads of great shots to inspire and delight), crafts, DIY and life in general. What I like about this blog is that its fun to read through and the posts are written in a light-hearted personal way as if you're just sitting down for a chat with her.
She has also started this photo challenge, and as I am slightly addicted to all things photo-challengy (yes it is a word) I have decided to give this one a go. I am not sure if I'll manage to get one photo each hour as she does as I am sure the 10th will fall on a day I work a lot this year but 10 photos I will get!

Small Home Love:

As Christmas is oh so quickly descending on us (eeeekkkkk!) I am presently on the look out for inexpensive but cool gift ideas that I can make for my family and friends. I saw this idea and knew it was definitely one I'd have to give a try. The blog itself is great with lots of crafty tips and how to's and lots of ideas for DIY inspiration, well worth a visit if you have a spare moment or 10.

A Creative Mint:
This blog is such a joy to browse through.The photos in it are gorgeous and the posts are arranged by colour! (Loving that idea) It is a collection of beautifully shot photos and creative projects put together for all to enjoy. I particularly like the blue section with its wonderful crisp, cool photos.

I love this blog, with it's retro look, quirky craft ideas and friendly feel when you read it. Like me the writer of this blog is a vintage junkie and enjoys nothing more than a good rootle round in a vintage and antique store after a bargain. There is always a good story and great photos of finds she's made and again I really like the way the posts seem to be written as if you are sitting down for a chat about things rather than reading a blog of a complete stranger.

I really love this blog because when ever I visit it I always find something that I love. There are lots of beautiful ideas for home decorating and crafts to do all with a definite retro, vintage feel, its all very pretty and pastel.

Ahhhh its good to be back! I have now had my blog fix and feel inspired enough to get the craft box out tomorrow and create something! I am looking forward to posting the Ten on Ten photos I took today once I have taken all ten of them....only up to number 6 so far, hmmmmm better get snapping now that the kids are home. I am still doing the Fat Mum Slim photo a day challenge and September's list is on the link if you are interested in getting involved. I will be posting past and present challenge photos soon too.
Well I hope your Monday has been a good one thanks for stopping back to say hi.
xx P xx