Wednesday 11 September 2019

Do I really have time for this?

Its now been nearly 7 long years of no blogging. So much has changed and moved on. Kiddlets have sprouted upwards- I have a teenager in my house eeek! I've stopped teaching, opened my own business (which I miss everyday now), been a wedding photographer, been a one-to-one LSA, gone back to teaching, become a full time teacher again- and now I've decided I need more work to pile on and have dipped back into blogging- long may it last! I am going to use this as a creative outlet hopefully as I am finding myself stifled with life at times and need a vent to get my creative juices flowing. Grown children and a full time job can get in the way and I think I need to stop and smell the roses sometimes- but don't we all? I am missing being able to create, working kind of takes over. I've touched base with some of my old favourite blogs again today so felt it is time to get back into the creative zone I so love to thrive in. Until I decide on a path for my blog it will just be a scattering of musings and inspiration that I find in my life. There are so many drop dead talented people out there who I'm in awe of and who inspire me to be a better everything each day, so this is my scrapbook to them. Bear with me while I get my head around this blogging gig again, posting, linking, html and all that. Lets hope I can stick to a weekly (maybe bi-weekly to start with) routine. Lets get sharing!!