Sunday 8 April 2012

Handbag into camera bag

April 8th photo- In my wallet.
Todays brief was in my wallet; but I made, and am quite proud of, this very handy camera insert thingie for my handbag the other day and was keen to show it off, and it is sort of the same thing as in my wallet.

I got the idea from make it and love it which is an amazing site full of fantastic ideas. I hated having to carry both my massive padded camera bag and my generous handbag round where ever I went and as I didn't like leaving my camera at home I knew I had to come up with something that would sort out my problem. I then came across this awesome idea...which meant I could keep my beloved handbag and carry my prized possession wherever I went safely. An old yoga mat, some scraps of material and about an hour of toiling later and presto a padded insert for my bag to house all my treasures in comfort! It does make for quite a heavy handbag but is so much better than lugging two bags around.
I also added a little pocket to the inside to hold my memory cards.
I am very pleased with my efforts on this project and on my trip to London a few days ago it worked a treat. It was easy to get out my camera at a moments notice and all my usual handbag paraphernalia was kept together and much easier to locate. It also comes out so I can have my plain old handbag back if I need it, easy peasy! 

I hope everyone has had as fantastic an Easter Sunday as I have had. Much love and easter hoppiness. 

Happy easter from us!
xx P xx

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