Wednesday 15 June 2011

 My flower cake- saw it on youtube and thought it looked fun. May try it out for one of the children's parties?

 New lamp- my 1st attempt at printing on fabric. So easy have gone a little mad with it. This looks a little bubbly as it is still wet, but has dried and smoothed out now and I love it!

 A gift for a friend's little girl. It was her 1st birthday and I wanted to make something girly for her room.

 My new cushion covers- again with the printed fabric, such fun!

 Rainbow cupcakes
 Royal wedding cupcakes.
My "new" chopping board- an old one left here by a friend who didn't want it back... so I have revamped it. She is definitely not getting it back now!

 My bargain £1 charity shop tray before.
 And after- yes printed fabric on it again!!!

 My royal wedding fascinator- made by me as I didn't see the point in paying some ridiculous price for one in the shops.

Well have been busy baking, crafting, revamping and decorating my house- has been so much fun I dread going back to work- when will I have the time to do all this then???!!!