Friday 17 December 2010

My lovely "new" sideboard

It’s been a while- not had the get up and go to write anything it seems. I have been busy renovating tho and have just finished a beautiful sideboard for our conservatory. I trudged through the heavy snow we had a couple of weeks ago to our local secondhand dealers and found it hidden in the back of the shop- did my best Kirsty Alsop bartering and got it for a song! I am so pleased with how it turned out and am such a believer in restoing old things rather than buying new! I love the wallpaper samples I have used on the inside too- thanks to a dear friend who shall remain anonymous for forgetting to return them to the uber expensive decorating store many moons ago and to my lovely husband for rescuing them from her skip.Will be using them again on the newly painted conservatory walls (when I finally get them finished!)

I love the way the new sideboard displays my tea-set. I finally have a lovely place to show it off!!!Very proud of myself! 

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