Monday 4 June 2012

Monday shouts and wedding fun!

Well after a week of grappling with my comments, getting them sorted then losing them all again I think I have finally cracked the comment saga. I did manage to get a few from lovely friends and readers I have since lost them in a revamp...but all is not lost as new comments now show up so happy days!

It has been a fun filled weekend here in Chez Madness with Jubilee festivities high on the agenda.Friday celebrations were held at all of our respective schools (mine, my husband's and my son's), recuperating on Saturday and back to it on Sunday. While we avoided London and it's heaving crowds we did watch it on the tele and I have to say despite the horrendous weather it did look like a pretty special day! Sunday saw the wedding party of two close friends so I am feeling a tad jaded this morning- but happy that it was for a very good cause! I love weddings and haven't been to one in AGES! After much toasting and dancing and we rocked home at about 1.00- such a late one for a granny like me!!! Needless to say Oly was up bright and early this morning so I am sure I will be feeling pretty rough come about 3pm today!
Taking our photo in the loo just like all the teenagers are doing!

I also had a lovely addition to my growing collection of cameras welcoming a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 into the fold. My super amazingly generous, super sweet husband knew I'd been drooling over it for a while now, but would never have been able to afford to buy one...well on Thursday I got home from work to be handed a box containing my new baby! I was a very happy girl and so excited to get snapping. I have taken a few pics but still need to get my head round it all as I am not getting the photos I quite want or am capable of getting form this camera just yet. I have been doing some reading up and taking notes on getting the most from my cameras, which actually leads me on to my first shout out for this week quite nicely.

Monday shout outs today...

Digital Photography School
Exactly what it says on the box really. This site is full of amazing tips and ideas on getting the most from your camera, no matter what sort you have. I get regular emails from them with weekend projects to improve your photography and I am constantly on there searching for answers to problems I may be having. If you are an amateur, budding or professional photographer there is something on here for you, well worth a visit!

Domestic Imperfection
I found this first cause I was attracted to the name...hehe it is so how I am-Domestically Imperfect! There are lots of fun and pretty ideas for things to do round your house and I have used a couple of the tutorials in my house.

Frugalicious Me

Def: Fru*ga*li*cious-adjective
1. To live economically, yet deliciously fabulous!

This blog was created by the owner to 'inspire and encourage women to embrace creativity and live a beauty filled life, while not breaking the bank'. I love the absolutely gorgeous look of this blog and it is a great collection on ways of living fabulously on a shoestring. There are literally 100's if not 1000's of ideas for DIY projects, recipes, re-purposing, revamping and how to be frugalicious (such a cool word)! This is a definite must see blog for those of us who want to live a champagne life style but only have a beer budget.

Wit and Whistle
A lovely blog written by a self proclaimed design nerd. The lady who write this blog has a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design and as a result this blog is full of amazing, quirky, fun sketches and designs. She owns a greeting card shop Wit and Whistle and does all of the designs for the cards herself...they are very cool! There are also bits and bobs to have a good read through and get some inspiration from...well worth a read through!

Well that's it for this Monday's shouts, time for me to get going and catch the train into London to meet up with my oldest (have known for the longest/not the age oldest) friend before she heads back home to NZ to live. Let's hope London isn't too madly busy still...haha famous last words. Wait for the Twitter updates I am sure they will be all about the awful crowds!
Hope your Monday is as fun filled as mine is sure to be. Thanks so much for stopping by.
xx P xx

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slightlyinsane said...

Looking beautiful as ever mumma xoxo

OskandOly said...

Ah thanks my sweet baby girl!

Anonymous said...

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