Tuesday 19 June 2012

Happy 45th Birthday Mod Podge!

Just a quick post to sing Happy Birthday to my favourite crafty supply... Mod Podge. Cathie from CathieFilian.com posted this about a trip she took with her husband to the bday party in Atlanta, and she got to meet the inventor of Mod Podge herself...pretty cool! Check out her blog post here....Mod Podge turns 45!

Well on that note I am definitely going to have to Podge something today to mark the special occasion...I have a wooden Ikea Lazy Susan just aching to be decorated...watch this space!

Have you come over to the Podge side yet? What is your favourite crafty supply?

Happy Tuesday.
xx P xx


Unknown said...

I look forward to seeing what lovely crafty thing you create today, I really love Mod Podge too.

mondocherry said...

I haven't played with my bottle of Mod Podge for ages. It amazes me all the things you can use it for! I couldn't do without my rolls of double sided sticky tape, washi tape and the good old Sharpies (although they seem to go missing as everyone in my house loves using them!) Looking forward to seeing your Lazy Susan.
Clare x

OskandOly said...

Thanks Clare! I am still deciding how I want to attack the Lazy Susan, old photos,old fashioned typography,retro themed? I think the Graphics Fairy will be getting a visit for some inspiration ...watch this space as I have a weekend of crafty fun planned!I am a newbie to the joys of Washi Tape but am looking forward to making something with it!
Oh and I adore sharpies too...you can never have too many different colours!
xx P xx

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Hahaha this is super cool. Mod podge has always been the best helping hand while crafting. Can't believe they have been helping us for 45 years now.