Tuesday 29 May 2012

Any advice from my lovely readers would help! PLEASE!!

Hello from a very frustrated oskandoly.com. I have been blogging regularly for about 6mnths now and am loving seeing all the visitors I get from all over the world. My blog visitor counter is ticking up which is fantastic...but...I thought I was doing something wrong as I have ever only had 1 comment added to my posts
 :(. While this wasn't a problem at first as I'd only had a handful of visitors I have not had any since that first one and my blog is definitely becoming more popular. I have had a few of my friends tell me they did leave a comment but I've never seen them, they just never appeared on my blog. I feel really bad as if people have left comments then I'd like to have commented back, its only polite really! Could any of you helpful bloggers out there give me some advice. I have trawled google for solutions but as I am not that blogger savvy I found the technical bits rather confusing. Obviously commenting back to me won't work for this so if anyone can help an email to pen@oskandoly.com would get through. PLEASE I am sure someone out there can help me as I am out of options for solutions.
xx P xx

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Unknown said...

Trying to leave a comment, hope it works. I really love your blog and enjoy reading the shout outs for different blogs- I have found some great ones as a result thanks!