Thursday 14 June 2012

June photos so far...

I'm still loving the photo a day challenge and have managed to take almost all of the pics this month, all bar 2 that I didn't get to do...I just couldn't get inspired on those days, which I hate!
Have you started the photo a day challenge yet? I really encourage all those I talk to to get inspired and get on board. It is so easy, you really only need a mobile phone that can take photos and you're away! It has become one of the first things I check each day...what is the photo challenge I need to do today? Is that a bit sad??

June 1st -Morning...a night in London away from my babies...a girl could get used to the lie ins!

June 2nd- Home made cider...very dangerous stuff!

June 4th- Close up..playing with one of my phone apps here, trying to make early morning/no make-up eyes look ok!

June 5th- Sign...Diamond Jubilee celebrations in London with my gorgeous family!

June 6th- Hat...amazing how a quick snap can be transformed into something quite cool with the help of a few phone apps! This photo was literally taken at the last second with me bunging a hat on my head, holding the phone up, clicking and hoping for the best!

June 8th- coffee I have had in a long time from The Squeeze in Leigh on Sea!

June 9th- My view today. It was a sunny, beautiful day and I had accomplished quite a lot! I was in a glass half full mood!

June 10th- Best bit of your weekend...discovering a wee slice of home in Southend, it was just like sitting in a Wellington cafe!

June 11th- Door. I always smile whenever I see this door...home! I am also very proud of the beautiful clematis, that my mum got me last summer, that is growing so well!

June 12th- From a low angle...peace descends on my classroom, it is break time and the kids have all gone out!

June 13th- Art...from one of my all time favourite baby boy! He's included us all...Mummy, Daddy,himself,  his 2 sisters and the dog!

June 14th- Time...a shot of the clock I made for Oly's kitchen (still needs some hands though!)

June 14th- Time...another time picture I created using a new phone app I downloaded...I think I am a tad obsessed with photo apps!

Well that is June so far for me. I really hope my photos perhaps inspire someone to have a go and get snapping, it is absolutely addictive and a great way to catalogue your day to day life.
I hope everyone's Thursday is treating them well and thanks for stopping by.
xx P xx

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Linda said...

This is such a unique design. Photography made it more tempting. I am in love with this design. That is an excellent work. Thank you for sharing.