Tuesday 26 June 2012

More of my June photos

A quick post to update my June photos from @fatmumslim photo a day challenge . I have missed a couple of days...eeeekkkk....as I have had a rather manic few weeks at work and home but have got most of them done, I will attempt to go back and catch up when it all calms down here. The new list for July has gone up though so I am pretty excited about that!

June 15th- Yellow. This was from a family walk in the country in amongst the fields of Rapeseed. The colours were amazing.

June 16th- Out and About. A family trip to the garden centre.

June 17th- In your bag. My beloved cameras and other handbag goodies.

June 18th- Something we don't know about you. I am a tad OCD about who folds my washing.
Don't now why but I just have to fold it myself!

June 19th- Imperfect. This was a tricky one so I ended up getting onto the google machine
 and seeing what results came up for imperfect to see if I could get any inspiration.
This quote by Leonard Cohen came up and I thought it was kind of cool.

June 20th- Fave photo you've ever taken.
 I have taken sooooo many photos that I love I could never have possibly just chosen one.
 I had a hard time choosing six to fit onto this frame.

June 21st- Where you slept. I wish it could have been longer though!

June 23rd- Movement. I have been playing around with my camera and experimented with movement and light effects.
 Still a wee way to go to get the perfect pictures
 but this was a fun thing to do and I sure I could get some amazing effects.

June 25th- Something cute.
I think I may be a little biased on this one, but this is definitely something VERY CUTE!

Well there they are so far...only a few more day to go until the new July list takes over...pretty excited to get into that on!

I hope I have convinced at least one of you to take part in this challenge. I'd love to see any photos that you have taken too. It's a really great way to record day to day life and I am enjoying looking back at the photos I've taken so far.
Hope you are having a fabulous Tuesday, time for me to go and soak up some Vitamin D in the garden.
xx P xx

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Linda said...

You must have had a really good june.After seeing your pictures, i also want to go on a trip but due to our hectic routine we can't manage to go on a trip right now.Thank for sharing such good pictures with us!