Monday 21 May 2012

Monday shout outs...May photo updates

What a mad day it has been today...this is the 1st opportunity I've had all day to sit and get on the computer, which is a bit of a major thing for me! I have had to work today, and not being used to working on a Monday am feeling all out of sorts and completely disorganised. Luckily I have been looking at fantastic blogs over the weekend and past week so have plenty of great shout outs to blog about today. I have also been busy snapping away for my photo a day challenge so have a few updates for that too.

Omiyage Blogs, Pretty, crafty things.
A great blogs packed with amazing ideas and DIY tutorialsOmiyage is Japanese for souvineer so this is a very Janpanese influenced blog, lots of the crafts use something called washi tape, not sure where I am going to get this from but can't wait to try it cause there are some brilliant how to's on the site using it. 

 This is a fun blog filled with great FREE downloadable stuff. It has a lot of scrap-booking ideas and downloads, and while I am not a huge scrap-booker I did find a lot of cool things that I'd use for other crafting projects. The owner is a professional graphic designer so as you can imagine the things on there are gorgeous. She sells design kits for scrap-booking plus lovely fabrics and there are lots of free things too- which is always a good thing in my eyes! This blog is well worth a visit as there are some awesome ideas for crafty projects.

I LOVE this blog! Being a little obsessed with photography at the moment I am always on the look out for tutorials and ideas on getting the perfect picture. This is an online community of Mums who are either professional photographers or just really keen, talented amateurs. They have idaes galore and it isn't written in pretentious, photographer speak- which I am all for. You can join the community or just browse through the blog posts for ideas. If you are a keen photographer then this is a must visit blog.

A pretty blog full of pretty stuff and ideas. I have been visiting this blog for the amazing tutorials which are simple but fabulous!

Some updates on my May photo a day pics..... Not long now and it will be time for June's exciting!!! Wow my life is so rock and roll!!

May 11th- Kitchen, Friday night at our place is pizza and wine night!
May 12th- Something that makes me happy!
May 13th- Mum. A surprise letter from my sweet boy.

May 14th- Grass. A selection of grasses that I snapped on a walk in the country.
May 15th- Love. My 2 sweet babies!
May 17th- Snack
I forgot my own snack so had
to raid my hand-bag stash I keep
there for Olya.

May 16th- What I am reading...blogs, blogs
 and more blogs!

May 18th- Something I made...well 6 things I made actually.
May 19th- A favourite place.
 Especially when it's raining outside
and I have a pile of magazines
 and silence in the house!

May 20th- Something I couldn't live
without! I had to for a week once
when it experience
I never want to relive!!


Hope everyone has had an eventful Monday...I know mine has been! Glad you stopped by.
xx P xx


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