Friday 11 May 2012

May photo a day challenge updates

Just a quick post today to update my May photo a day challenge photos. If you ave not already done so I highly recommend visiting Fat Mum Slim and taking part in the photo a day challenges. It is so much fun and really not as big a time commitment as I'd first thought. The real challenge is finding different ways to interpret each days brief.

Here are my photos for the last 6 days.

May 5th- Bird. Some shots of birds from around my house. The middle picture is a print done by a good friend of mine, I absolutle love it and it is perfect in my kitchen.

May 6th- You. Me, me, me and me. Getting to like this self photography challenge I have set myself.

May 7th- Someone who inspires you. My Nan. I really miss my Nan as she lives in NZ and I am in the UK. She has done so much for our family,does amazing work for cancer charities and all round fabulous lady... she is awesome!

May 8th- A favourite smell. I couldn't choose just one, I have so many smells I adore that invoke so many memories. This is a selection of fav smells in my kitchen.

May 9th- Something I do everyday. Take photos!

May 10th. A favourite word. This isn't my only favourite word but it is definitely way up there on the list.

May 11th- Kitchen??? This one is making me think!

Well work is calling, better go and do some planning!!! I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday and that you have an equally fantastic weekend (praying for a bit of sun here!!)

xx P xx

I will never be the woman with the perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it.Carrie Bradshaw - Sex and the City

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