Monday 28 May 2012

Monday blog shouts

Woo Hoo the photo list for June is out...Have you been bitten by the photo a day bug? 

Phewww it is hot out there today. I have just got back from a beautiful morning at the park playing in the sun. The swarm of mosquitoes that at one stage reached biblical proportions did put a wee dampener on the fun but it was really lovely to be out playing on the swings etc. with Oly and catching up with friends. Time for my lunch and escape to the lovely cool kitchen to write today's blog shout outs.

I have not been idle in my search for great blogs this week and have found some real gems.

This is a blog about living life on the cheap, and who doesn't want that??!! It is packed with craft ideas, recipes, money saving ideas, home decor on the cheap (but not cheap looking), cupcake recipes, partyu ideas, upcycling...there is loads to look through.

The haby goddess

Wow those Aussies are a creative lot. Yet another fantastic blog by an Australian lady who is mad about all things crafty. The Haby Goddess is a shop, a blog and a community for all things haberdashery. She runs classes on sewing and has loads of really neat ideas for things to make. There are also some great sewing techniques how to's on there which is always helpful for someone like me, who while a keen sewer, isn't always up to scratch on how to do some things. I particularly liked the idea for the stone buttons on there...I would love to have a go at making these and maybe use them to embellish a bag or something.


This is one part of a series of blogs. This is the 'mummy and baby' one and there is also Spearmint Kitchen, Spearmint decore, Spearmint Money and Spearmint Wedding (If I ever was to renew my vows I want the Tent wedding, so gorgeous!) The blogs are a collection of fantastic, creative ideas and are great to trawl through to pick up ideas.Each blog has tabs that link to different things, there is a DIY tab in the home decor blog or a cakes tab in the wedding blog. I am quiet obsessed with the Home decor blog at the moment as I am wanting inspiration for our new loft bedroom that is in the process of being done.

My life-my loves

This is such a pretty blog I just had to give it a big shout out. I have been visiting it for a while now and find so much every time I look at it. It is a blog written by an unbelievably talented and creative woman (another Aussie!) She organises the most incredible parties I have ever seen and posts photos of all of her beautiful ideas and table arrangements on the blog. I WISH I could throw a party like one of hers! If you need any inspiration for the perfect party then visit this blog, but make sure you have plenty of free time as you will probably spend hours just drooling over the gorgeous designs and parties!

Well it is nearly time for the awful school run...too hot to jostle with angry toddlers in sticky hot cars! Is it just me or do you hate afternoon school runs too?

Ah well better get to it I spose. I really hope where ever you are in the world you are enjoying your Monday as much as I am. Thanks for stopping by.
xx P xx

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