Monday 7 May 2012

Shoe themed Monday shout outs.

Wow is it really Monday already? The past week has flown by, it hardly seems like yesterday I was writing my last Monday shouts. Well I haven't been comletely idle and have managed to find some great blogs/sites to rave about. The theme for this week seems to be (my favourite subject) shoes and 'how to' shoe tutorials. I am upcycling a couple of pairs of old rarely worn heels at the moment and was looking for inspiration and came across some awesome blogs with fabulous ideas on how to revamp old shoes.

U.create I was looking at Mod Podge ideas and found this little beauty of a blog. It is jammed full of cool ideas and in particular I really liked the Linda's list: 26 Mod Podge tutorials! Being a die-hard M.P fan I was overjoyed to see this list and will definitely be visiting the blog again... often!

Make Something- Cathie and Steve I saw a fantastic tutorial on a pair of boots thet she upcyclked and can wait to try it out for myself.
How awesome are these!
Picture courtesy of Make Something blog.

Wobi Sobi What a quirky name!? This had a great restyle on a pair of heels using glitter and glue. It is an excellent way of covering over messed up heels on shoes and something I would really like to try. The link buttons send you to a pinterest page where the writer has posted loads of pics of their projects so it is a great place to be inspired.

Alisa Burke- redefine creativity This is a gorgeous blog full of beautiful art and design ideas, tutorials and inspiration. There is a fantastic tutorial on covering wedges with fabric, a project near and dear to my heart. I have spent ages looking through all the past posts and love this blog...definitely one I will be following on a regular basis.

Pretty floral wedges.
 Picture courtesy of Alisa Burke- redefine creativity

Richard's Magic book- available through Amazon for Kindle.

My last shout out isn't about a blog rather it is a shamless plug for a close friend of mine. She is now a published author on Kindle. Her current book is for kids and is called Richards Magic Book and it's an absolute steal to purchase at only £3.09! You actually don't even need a kindle to purchase it as you can read it on your computer!

Book blurb....

Richard is an 8 1/2 year old boy who, like many boys of his age, simply hates reading. He views it as a waste of time - after all, there are plenty of other things that he could be doing ... such as watching TV, playing on the WII or on his Nintendo. But all this changes when his teacher gives him a special book. As he says 'I had to give it to you. It has your name on the cover!' And it does. It's called 'Richard's Magic Book'. Reluctantly, Richard takes it home to read ... and is astounded to find that it really IS all about him!

Before long, he meets a small elf called Nilbog who takes him on a series of magic adventures. The only catch is that, for the magic to work, he has to keep reading the book; however, the good side to this is that the book continues to be all about him and about his magical adventures.

His adventures take him to the North Pole, where he meets Ralop, the Polar Bear; Under the sea, where he meets the mer-people and Krash, the shark; to Fantasy Land where he meets Nicornu; into his garden where he meets the ants and finally to an encounter with a giant called Ergo.

Elaine is also currently writing a new book, which is almost finished, for parents. It is a book full of fun Maths games and activities to do with your kids. As soon as it comes out I will do a post about it, watch this space. 

Well it has been a lovely, relaxing, quiet May Day here at our place, I hope you have all had a relaxing Monday. Back to the grindstone tomorrow!!

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