Saturday 5 May 2012

May photo a day pics so far.

I have had so much fun following photo a day @ fat mum slim for April.. but now that that's all over I am ready to get stuck into May's challenges.  I am really enjoying trying to think outside the box and get a really interesting shot, although it hasn't always happened and I have settled for a literal interpretation. I think my favourite were the Black and White and the Vegetable challenge as I had fun with a couple of photo apps and got some great results.

I used PictureShow (iphone app)
to get this shot

Here are my first 4 photos for May.
Photoshop helped get
this shot

May 1st- Peace. I took this while Oly was asleep and I was sitting relaxing in the quiet of the house. It was raining outside and the pitter patter on the conservatory roof was very peaceful. 10 minutes after this was taken Oly woke up and chaos was restored! 

May 2nd- Skyline. This shot was taken a few years ago on Mt Sinai in Egypt. We had been travelling through the Middle East for a few weeks and had hiked up the Mountain in the pitch dark to be able to see the sunrise. Not exactly a skyline and a bit of a cheat as I did take it years before but I really love this picture and it was an amazing experience being able to see it.

May 3rd- Something I wore today. This is my favourite Benefit perfume and I have just about run out...time for some more I think! I really LOVE Benefit stuff- the packaging is awesome.

May 4th- Fun. Fun times with Mummy and Oly. I really love these photos of the two of us.

Todays photo has left me a bit stumped as to how I can interpret it without just taking a picture of a bird. Any suggestions?
Hope you are having a great Saturday, and for all the UK people a good bank holiday weekend. Lets hope this rain goes away and we can actually enjoy it huh!
xx P xx

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