Sunday 14 November 2010

Boggarts and Brownies

Having been blessed with a 7 hour sleep - Oly decided to sleep for 10 1/2 hours last night! I awoke refreshed and ready for the day !!I decided it was a baking kind of day - so I thought I'd take a go at baking Brownies. I haven't made them before- but I sure will be making them again!!! I have gorged my self on the richest Brownies all day and am now feeling rather seedy- all worth it tho. Osk's teacher looked rather frazzled on friday so I have decided to box up (using my lovely new gift boxes) small chunks of the brownies to cheer her up at morning tea time- always a welcome thing for a teacher!!!

Osk had a Pirate party today so spemt the weekend finding stuff for his costume- he did look very sweet scary as a Pirate and came back full of the joys of parties. Not sure I envied the hosts tho as it was an awful day and so turned into an indoor party. A house full of hyped up pirate boys... hmmmmmm... still made for a quiet afternoon in our house.
 Nothing beats the smell of warming the chocolate, sugar and butter- heavenly!
 I had brownie chunks rather than the suggested slices- not intentional but looked better I think.
Love these gift boxes I picked up the other day-have filled this one with  chunks of brownie for Osk's teacher.


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